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Players: 1+ players
Duration: 20 - 25 minutes

This is an invitation to understand radiance, experiencing new ways of relating to affect, affection, and interaction with all living beings. This experience is also an invitation to re-connect with our planet.

The world is an immeasurable network of bodies and beings that affect each other and are interrelated. All things are interdependent. We are inter-beings, existing in an ever-expanding universe of mutual causality.

All things in the universe constantly exchange energy and information. Energy is everywhere: space is not empty, but full of it. This energy traverses all scales of the universe, interacting, from the infinitely large to the infinitely small. It is permanently changing and reconfiguring itself. It organizes itself into a multitude of forms, varying in density, until it becomes matter, or what we know as reality.

The proposed experience is a suggestion for a possible way to experience radiance, the quality or state of being radiant. The term "radiant" is an adjective meaning:

1. Bright, shining, glowing, luminous.
2. Visibly expressing and manifesting joy, contentment, beauty, hope, and well-being.
3. One that radiates or emits rays or radiations. Sending out light and heat.


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Raúl Hott is a Chilean architect, artist, researcher and educator. Raúl holds an MFA in New Forms from Pratt Institute, and he was a fellow resident of Capacete in Athens as part of Documenta 14’s public program. He designs experiences, environments, and tools for shifting consciousness. His investigation spans psychology, contemporary spirituality, ritual, healing methods, and climate action. His projects delve extensively into the politics of affection In order to develop care strategies and generate tools that help transform existential risk into existential hope. These methodologies seek to activate processes of re-humanization and vitality. Raúl conceived Centro Radiante, a non-profit health-oriented organization. Radiante was first launched publicly in November of 2022 at Kunsthal Gent in Belgium.

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