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Players: 2 - 6 players
Duration: 50 - 90 minutes

What does it mean to give and have space in a conversation? What would you hear if you could just sit and listen? What would you say if you were granted full attention?

NOI (“we” in Italian) is an excuse to experiment with both positions, grounded on the understanding that different rules generate new outcomes.

The game attempts to challenge usual modes of communication by playing with individual and collective silence. Silence is offered as a loving practice: it helps to focus on who needs listening rather than what one needs to say, acknowledging the other’s dignity and right to attention. Moreover silence gives the privilege of withholding, of not having to constantly react. It allows time for reflection, slowing down the conversation, thus creating the condition for mutual attention and collective care.


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Eleonora Toniolo is an interdisciplinary designer—in the midst of social, graphic and product design—with an inclination toward creating relational experiences. She seeks to understand ways of doing and living together. Her latest projects are workshops and tools that activate simple gestures of collective care through structured conversations, fostering mutual listening through the use of silence.

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