How to create comfortable resting positions with

2022/ Group Exhibition

︎Iron Velvet Gallery, New York
In collaboration with Gabriel Hensche, curated by Young Jeon. 

How to Love Many in Many Ways, also the exhibition title, is a selection of three out of twelve exercises that one can perform and interact with to enact the feeling of falling in love—and possibly, out of love. The game involves physical touch, movement, and relaxation. The three chosen variations offers the players an intimate encounter to get to know themselves, other/s and other other/s!

The game can be played by anyone visiting the space. Instructions and space for the game is prepared for visitors.

How to Love Many in Many Ways, with works by Yujin Lee, Engy Mohsen (in collaboration by Gabriel Hensche), Sagarika Sundaram, Thierry Tomety.
July 22, 2022 – August 21, 2022

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Editor: Ismail Fayed, visual identity: Engy Aly, design: Engy Mohsen. 

The project is supported by the Homebound Residency (2020) by Warehouse421 and Pro Helvetia Studio Residency at Rote Fabrik (2021), and School of Commons (2022).

How to connect with ____?
Think of two body parts that haven’t physically touched each other today, and connect them.

How to become a moving mirror?
Invite _____ to join you for this exercise. Start by copying each other’s posture and gestures. if they change position you should do the same.If you change position, they should do the same. Slowly, incorporate movements into your interaction. Capture the Other’s emotional state and translate it using your own actions and words until you experience the potentiality of sameness.

How to create comfortable resting positions with _____?
Invite _____ for a break in a park, beach, square, or any place you feel comfortable. Try various positions through which you can lend your bodies for each other to lean on, allowing various comfortable resting positions to be found.

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