How To Love Many In Many Ways

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2021/ A Collection of Games & Exercises

︎ Zürich, CH 
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Psychologist Arthur Aron used the 36 Questions to explore whether intimacy between two strangers can occur intentionally. Based on the assumption that something we call ‘love’ can be produced willingly, artists Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche developed a set of 36 rituals to fall in love with oneself, a group and non-human beings. Furthermore, they invited 9 other artists and writers to develop an exercise or a game that responds to the question: How to Love Many in Many Ways?

Besides Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche, the project has contributions from Eliana Otta, Ingo Niermann (The Army of Love), Mohamed Al-Bakeri, Nada Elkalaawy, Petra Mrša, Rania Atef, Raúl Hott, Shahd OmarSoukaina Joual.

During her art residency in Zürich, Engy Mohsen is organising various moments to play/test/encounter the games and exercises, both at her studio at Rote Fabrik, but also at other locations such as the Blackbox (Gessnerallee), ZKB Pavillon (Landiwiese). 

Join us to encounter, test, and play the different games and exercises! Upcoming event dates in Zürich*: 

︎︎︎ 17 July 2021 // Rote Fabrik (Studio A1.010).
︎︎︎ 11 August 2021 // ZKB Pavilion, Landiwiese.
︎︎︎ 21 August 2021 // Rote Fabrik (Studio A1.010).
︎︎︎ 11 September 2021 // Blackbox, Gessneralle.
︎︎︎ 12 September 2021 // Piazza Seebach, About Us!
︎︎︎ 17 September 2021 // Rote Fabrik (Studio A1.010).  
︎︎︎ 18 September 2021 // Rote Fabrik (Studio A1.010).

*The number of participants is limited, so we ask you to kindly register below. 

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More about the contributions ︎︎︎

︎ How to Love Many in Many Ways by Engy Mohsen and Gabriel Hensche. Divided into three levels, these rituals will lead you to question how you care for yourself, connect with others around you, and be more attentive to the things in your surroundings.

︎ Rehearsing Horizontalities by Eliana Otta. A set of exercises to create scenarios where people reexamine their relationship with others by playing with their spatial, choreographic and acoustic awareness.

︎ Falling in Love with the World by Ingo Niermann (The Army of Love). An exercise to overcome aversion and extend notions of love and care to others or objects.

︎ The Things You Do for Love by Mohamed Al Bakeri. Monopoly for lovers. Can we really think of love as a material need and/or commodity?

︎ Breaking Hearts, or Mending Them by Nada El Kalaawy. How to navigate the world of online dating and poke at the expectations that come with the presentation of one’s profile on a dating app.

︎ Rehearsing Family: Do It by Petra Mersa. A game meant to use discourse, photographic media, and performance to change our long-lasting, stagnant intimate relations such as family ones.

︎ Bad Mother by Rania Atef. The idea is to critically -and sarcastically- tackle maternal love and domestic labor especially for mothers who also work.

︎ We Are All Radiant by Raúl Hott. An exercise that aids in discovering notions of radiance.

︎ Embodied Encounters by Shahd Omar. Exercises about consent and how to communicate it with more than just words. Our bodies speak as we explore ways of saying yes and no.

︎ Married Couples Live Longer by Soukaina Joual. A party game for single people.

This project is supported by Pro Helvetia Cairo and Warehouse421.


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