Chatrooms: A Guidebook to Discursive Spaces

 2019/ Publication
︎ Townhouse Gallery, Cairo
︎ Beirut Art Centre, Beirut
︎ Warehouse421, Abu Dhabi


Chatrooms is a guidebook to discursive spaces, or rather simply “How Can a Group of People Set Up a Place for a Collective Discussion”. This guidebook looks into spatial and typological case studies, to rethink existing models of meeting, and how they create a familiarity with situations where a conversation can occur. It draws from the mundane settings with the elements at one’s disposal, to mimic reality or rather highlight its absurdity. These mini cookbooks comprise each of the ingredients and recipe needed to prepare the different settings of each room. Ingredients may contain, but are not limited to, seating arrangements, different types of tables, food and other extras as well as backdrops and various scenographic elements.

View the full version of the book here.

The project was exhibited as part of “Rozanam 7” at Townhouse Gallery in Cairo, curated by Mohamed Allam and Mariam Elnozahy. The publication was also part of the “No ISBN” installation by Bernhard Cella which appeared in the exhibition “How to Reappear: Through the Quivering Leaves of Independent Publishing“, curated by Kayfa Ta, Beirut Art Centr, Beirut (2019) and the exhibition “How to Maneuver: Shape-Shifting Texts and Other Publishing Tactics”, Warehouse421 in Abu Dhabi, UAE (2019) and MMAG Foundation in Amman (2020).


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