The Act of Conversing in a Space that Remembers

 2018/ Performative Debate

︎ Roznama Studio Program, Cairo

This performative act tries to stage the production process and put on display inside the gallery, presenting itself as the artwork, one that features the experience of its own creation as a core element. Artwork that acknowledges conversation as its central medium, and is based primarily on public participation. The act tries on the one hand to reach a collective conclusion around what art is among its practitioners and spectators, it questions the audience’s imagination about the artwork and the exhibition.  On the other hand, it questions the capacity of art to stir up debate.

Questions posed to the pool of participants then act an open invitation to join this discussion.

The performative act proposes an ephemeral interaction inside a space that collects traces which accumulate over time, thus turning the space into a collective memory.

Roznama 6 Studio Program was developed by Mohamed Abdelkarim and Nour El Safoury and supported by Medrar for Contemporary Art and Downtown Contemporary Arts Festival in Cairo (D-CAF).


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