Chatrooms: Or, How to Set Up for an Online Room

 2020/ Video-Performance

︎ Medrar for Contemporary Art, Cairo
︎ Kunsthalle am Hamburger Platz, Berlin

We navigate virtual spaces every day. Rooms, meetings, hangouts, groups, stories, posts, email threads, voice notes. A Houseparty. These spaces are built on an internet connection and maybe a front camera. There was a moment in time when we would link up with others online just to pass time. Then, it became a necessity, to make up for our longing for any form of human connection.

A lecture performance in three acts that looks at how we used to interact with virtual encounters before, during and after socially-distant times.

This video-performance has originally been part of the live performance program “With Doors Closed, Artists Go Viral” by Medrar for Contemporary Art, June 2020.


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