Notes on Collaboration was released through a series of interventions and discussions that took place between June 13 - 30, 2021 at CIC - Contemporary Image Collective

Over the span of two weeks, visitors were invited to engage with excerpts from the texts and other visual traces in the CIC library, as well as collect their copy of the texts. Discurisve events were held in which the author(s) of one of the texts would reflect, revisit, and discuss some of the ideas they raised. 

[Photography: Eslam Abd El Salam]
[Video: Amir Eid, Medrar TV]

Remembering Flags

A lecture-performance by Dina Jereidini and Mariam Azmy

13 June 2021

“My memory of collaboration has shaped the way I move forward, the way I recall, read and respond to those memories. I am trying to validate an experience I no longer remember. As an engagement, a practice birthed of more than one person’s labor, collaboration carries a special kind of memory.

I ruminate on the frigid quality of remembering on my own.” —Remembering Flags.

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Co-working on Co-working

A discussion with Engy Mohsen and Omar Kassab, moderated by Ahmed Refaat

20 June 2021

“Can we envision co-working being more hospitable?
Expanding our stays,
To allow us to work together,
Working next to or with the other,
Working next to and with the other.” —Co-working on Co-working.

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Why do we form collectives?

Roundtable discussion with Qaaf Laam Collective, elmo3askar, GAAZ Collective

27 June 2021

“The text was the beginning of a discussion that took place over the past months about working within collectives and the appropriate forms of organization for the current moment. Through the text we discuss the relationships that have formed between us, and we try to think of suitable methods of work for the coming period. ” —Qaaf Laam Collective

Qaaf Laam invited two other collectives, GaazCollective and El Mo3askar who are currently working in the arts and culture in Cairo to share their experience, observations and respond to the questions raised in their text.

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