Ahmed Morsi is an architect and artist who is interested in subversive creative cohorts and their effect on built and social environments. He has been involved in a number of adaptive reuse and remodeling projects.

Dina Jereidini is a visual artist, writer and curator of Egyptian contemporary art. Her work explores forms of translation—translation of force over time, translation of genetic code into biological form, translation of information as a universal attribute of the mental and material world. Her work is multidisciplinary, utilizing text, 3D art, data visualization, projection, performance, painting, woodworking and sculpture.

Engy Mohsen is an artist, architect and designer. While spatial thinking remains at the core of her practice, she also explores participation, collectivity and discursivity. She has a bachelor’s degree in architecture and urban design, and has taken part in Roznama Studio Program, MASS Alexandria and the Artists for Artists Masterclass. She is 1/5 of the artist group K-OH-llective and 1/3 of the architectural collective Dataland.

Hagar Ezzeddine (Qaaf Laam Collective) is a visual artist who received a master’s degree from Helwan University in 2017 for her thesis titled “Visual Representations of Women in Contemporary Art in Egypt.” She further developed parts of the same research for the fifth International Visual Methods Conference: Visualizing the City in the Singapore Institute of Technology. Hagar is currently working on an art project about familial history and the aesthetics of home interiors in Egypt’s middle class.

Mai Elwakil is a Cairo-based writer, editor, and multimedia content producer, with special knowledge of contemporary Arab arts. Mail Elwakil is the editor of Notes on Collaboration

Mariz Kelada (Qaaf Laam Collective) is a PhD candidate in the Department of Media and Anthropology in Brown University. She is currently working on her field research, focusing on the economy of the film and media industry in Egypt through the lived experiences of its technical workers. Mariz has worked in the cultural field in Cairo since 2010, and received her master’s degree from the American University in Cairo’s Department of Sociology and Anthropology in 2014. Her thesis tackled the possibilities of alternative social and political imaginaries.

Marwa al-Sayed (Qaaf Laam Collective) has been working in the Egyptian cultural field for several years. She received a master’s degree in criticism and art history from Helwan University’s Faculty of Art Education in 2017, and a diploma in cultural development from Cairo University in 2019.

Nour El Safoury (Qaaf Laam Collective) contributes to publishing within the arts and culture sector through her work as an editor and a film critic. In collaboration with Shahd Al-Sabbagh, Nour edits the publications released by Esmat––Publishing List, which draw inspiration from characters in works of film and TV and the feelings they invoke. Nour received her master’s degree in film studies from King’s College London, and her bachelor’s degree from Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America.

Omar Kassab is an architect and urbanist with a theoretical focus on the interconnections between architecture, urbanism and visual representation. He studied at the Architectural Association School of Architecture, and has a particular interest in culinary spaces. His work emphasizes narrative, critically intersecting fiction with history in order to build fresh approaches to architecture and urbanism.

Rana Ashraf is a self-taught visual artist and filmmaker. She creates illustrations, text, analogue photographs, and films. She also works at an NGO that supports refugees, as well as children and young people at risk.

Sherifa Hamid is an architect and photographer. She is interested in urban anthropology and the documentation of Cairo’s built environment.